Symphony Auto-FiLL is a data entry wizard running on an OCR engine that reads images captured from any image scanner. With the touch of a button or hotkey the scanner is activated to capture the image for OCR processing.

For passports and ID cards, the process takes only a few seconds. It works for paper or plastic documents of any size, thickness, and layout.

It reads multi-languages, including Chinese, Thai, Standard Khmer, Vietnamese etc.

Auto‐FiLL is developed as a fast, accurate, simple, and economical data input tool to reduce processing time and improve productivity at hotel check counters.

It is of immense benefits for:

  • · Faster and more accurate check‐in of foreign guests especially where counter staff is not familiar with written English language.
  • · Full‐page image of Passport Data page can be optionally saved to a folder, a database, and/or generated to a PDF form ready for printing.
  • · In addition to ICAO9303 passports, local identity cards (English, Chinese, Vietnamese included) of any sizes can be similarly processed for your hotel PMS.
  • · All captured texts and images can be automatically saved to a supplementary database for storage and immediate retrieval by Duty Manager.
  • · One‐time Life‐time license with option to remove and reactivate licenses from computer to computer with restriction.