What DELSAN Can Do For You

Significantly decrease the risk of losing goods that may negatively affect your revenues and cause potential troubles through our RedBeam Asset Tracking Software. It enables you to easily tag and track asset movements. The information will instantly be available to you wherever and whenever the need arises.

You can also manage your printing and documents more effectively with DELSAN’s combined set of solutions. Our Managed Print Solutions or MPS will help you find and manage the set of printers and scanners that will best serve your needs and requirements.

Your printer equipment may be paired with our print, document, and process management solutions which allow you to secure and control the printing usage of all departments, digitize your documents and be able to access it at any given time and place, and approve forms across multiple device platforms.

For more information on how DELSAN can help retail stores, contact us or feel free to explore the What We Can Do for You tab on this website.