What DELSAN Can Do For You

Streamline your physical inventories and take better control of your organization’s valuable property with our RedBeam Asset Tracking Software where you can easily tag and track asset movements whenever and wherever you are.

In terms of documents, significantly improve your process efficiency by having the best-suited machines for each of your departments which we will recommend after assessing your current fleet. You no longer have to worry about downtimes as we assure preventive maintenance and fast service. This is possible with our Managed Print Services. Our machines may be paired with print, document, and process management solutions which enable you to secure confidential files when printing and control usage of all departments, access all your information in digital format whenever or wherever you are, and approve forms and other data through your phone, tablet, or laptop. No physical signatures required!

Lastly, improve the efficiency of your HR Department through our HRIS or Human Resource Integrated Systems that enables your HR Department to perform its standard functions such as payroll, timekeeping, recruitment, and 201 filing more seamlessly with the various databases and reports integrated in the software.

For more information on how DELSAN can help manufacturing companies, contact us or feel free to explore the What We Can Do for You tab on this website.