What DELSAN Can Do For You

Since the '90s, we have already worked with major hotel chains and group of restaurants. Our experience and clientele helped us have an in-depth understanding of what the industry truly needs in various aspects: property, inventory, asset tracking, process, print, and document management.

DELSAN offers different products that will significantly ease and shorten the process of Front Office operations. With the ADRIASCAN Passport Scanner, the employees would just simply place the passport on the scanner and it will automatically read, input, and store the essential information into the system. It improves data accuracy, speeds up database search, and increases security measures of confidential information. The GEMVIEW Signature Capture Tablet allows guests to affix signatures directly on the device which is then stored in the system. It can also play videos and run ads while it’s not in use! Speaking of ads, hotels can raise their marketing efforts notches higher with our Samsung Large Format Display Monitors. Lastly, the front desk operations would no longer have to worry about the disorganized and separated systems. Visual One Systems PMS seamlessly integrates many applications across multiple outlets - coordination and accuracy unlike any other.

Hotels and restaurants can also significantly improve their F&B operations through the InfoGenesis POS system where the waiters can now take orders with a tablet. The data will automatically be received by the kitchen and be recorded into the system. This can also generate reports for the establishments to assess table turns, review guest spending, and control costs and losses. With our Eatec Inventory System, they would no longer have to worry about cases of being sold out and such. This software enables them to manage their inventories, order online, forecast sales, store receipts accurately, and a whole lot more.

Of course, tracking of inventories is not limited to ingredients. Hotels and restaurants also have to monitor all the properties, plant, and equipment they own. The RedBeam RFID Asset Tracking enables them to easily tag and track asset movements. The information is always available to its users when and where they need it.

Bulks of printed documents will always be present in hotel and restaurant establishments. Delsan greatly helps them save time and reduce printing-associated costs by up to 40% through our MPS or Managed Print Solutions Program. We will be the one to manage your printing needs – from hardware supply, to consumables replenishment, and even to printing solutions software. This program is enhanced by our Print Management Solutions which monitor and secure the printing of all departments that will prevent any unnecessary expense and waste.

Our services with documents do not stop there. With our Document Management and Process Management solutions, hotels will now be able to archive, store and retrieve documents anytime and anywhere. E-Forms and BMDok software allow sharing of documents across the organization; thus saving time by 80% and costs up to 50%. Hotels and restaurants can now also digitize their approval process through DocuShare or BMFlo; reducing waiting time, costs, errors, and data entry redundancy.

One of the biggest challenges, especially for establishments with multiple branches, would be managing its workforce. The Delsan HRIS (Human Resource Information System) provides them the essential tools and programs for their employees to do their roles effectively and efficiently. Its features include 201 Files, Time and Attendance, Payroll and Recruitment.

For more information on how DELSAN helps hotel establishments, feel free to contact us or explore the What We Can Do for You tab on this website.